Nextonville, Tennessee




The Nextonvillian Market's Only Station for Public Broadcasting


Digital: 33 (UHF)
Virtual: 17 (PSIP)


WUON-DT 17.1
PBS Kids 17.2
NHK 17.3
NextonExplore 17.4 (showing PBS programs)


PBS (October 1970-present)

First air date

June 15, 1961


University of Nextonville

Former channel number

Analog: 17 (UHF) (1961-2009)

Former Affiliation

NET (June 1961-October 1970)

WUON, virtual channel 17 (UHF channel 33), is a PBS member station licensed to Nextonville, Tennessee, United States. WUON's callsign stands for "University Of Nextonville," referring to the University of Nextonville.


The station went on the air on June 15, 1961, the first non-commercial educational television station in the Nextonvillian market. Originally an NET affiliate, the station became a PBS member station at the time the public broadcaster was established. Since the mid-1970s, WUON has created several local PBS programs for other PBS member stations in the United States, including Explore Nextonville, a show where Nextonvillians delve deeper into seeing the beauty and wonders of their hometown, and Fun with Mackenzie and the Johnsons, which launched the television personalities of the Johnson family, which includes Mackenzie.

When PBS launched its block of children's programming in 1993 as PTV Park, WUON branded its block of children's programming as Nexton Playtime. When PTV Park went under the PBS Kids rebrand in 1999, the station began using their own versions of the PBS Kids member station idents.

List of programs produced by WUONEdit

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  • 1985-90 - TV Worth Watching, WUON (localized version of PBS's slogan of the 1980s)
  • 1990-91 - WUON, Just Watch Us Now, PBS (localized version of PBS's 1990-91 slogan)

Campaign lyricsEdit

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Analog shutdownEdit

WUON ceased broadcasting on its analog signal at 12:30 PM, over UHF channel 17, on June 12, 2009, the official date in which full-powered television stations were required to transition to digital broadcasting under federal mandate. The station's pre-transition digital signal remained on UHF channel 33, where users used PSIP to display WUON's virtual channel. It has recently been announced that WUON will restart broadcasting on its analog signal on January 1, 2020.

Sign-off announcement historyEdit


This is WUON, TV 17, in Nextonville, Tennessee, now coming to the end of broadcasting. WUON is owned and operated by students at the University of Nextonville, and operates at 524 kilowatts video, 189 kilowatts audio, by the authority of the Federal Communications Commission. WUON is linked to microwave STL WGB-4-18 on channel 4, just two miles north of Nextonville. WUON is a member of PBS, the public broadcasting service, and has broadcast facilities located near the University of Nextonville. Join us again tomorrow for more member-supported, quality public television. Until then, this is Boris Jackson wishing y'all a pleasant good night. And now, ladies and gentlemen, our national anthem.

(Moog SSB plays, followed by static, or on some rare occassions, the test pattern)


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