Not to be confused with WNXT-TV, an NBC affiliate.

WNAT-TV, UHF digital channel 25, is an independent television station licensed to Nextonville, Tennessee, United States. Dedicated to airing 24 hours of news and animated programming, the station's callsign stands for "News And Toons." The station lead to the creation of a nationwide cable and satellite network known as WNAT Superstation in 1976.


The station went on the air on August 3, 1966, under the ownership of Field Communications, years after Field's premier station, WFLD (now a Fox owned-and-operated station), went on the air.

In April 1973, Field sold WNAT-TV to Kaiser Broadcasting of Oakland, California.

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This is WNAT-TV, channel 25, in Nextonville, Tennessee, the premier superstation for news and cartoons. WNAT-TV, an equal opportunity employer, is owned and operated by Field Communications in Chicago, Illinois, with studios and offices located in North Kingston Road in Nextonville, and transmitter located on top of the Pointy Dome Tower. WNAT-TV operates on channel 25, as authorized by the Federal Communications Commission. Some of our programs broadcast during today were pre-recorded. WNAT-TV's entire broadcast schedule, all programs included therin, is an original work of copyright; as such, no re-transmission, re-distribution, or re-recording may be made without the prior written conscent of Field Communications. We welcome your comments or criticism regarding our programming. Address your correspondence to:

Lionel K. Williams

Vice President and General Manager


800 North Kingston Road

Nextonville, Tennessee 26674

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List of programs broadcast by WNAT-TV

Most of WNAT-TV's programs are based around local/syndicated news programs and animated television series. By the same time Nicktoons debuted in 1991, Nickelodeon made a deal with WNAT in which it would air Nicktoons as well. After the Walt Disney Company's Disney Network made a deal with WNAT, the station also airs series from Disney Television Animation.

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  • (1995-2003)
  • (2003-present)

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  • WNAT Eyewitness (1983-1990)
  • WNAT Newscast (1990-present)

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  • The premier superstation for news and cartoons. (1974-1978)
  • Whoo-hoo! (1978-1983)
  • You've gotta see us. (1983-19??)

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Television Stations in Nextonville, Tennessee

WNVI 5 (Fox)
WNG-TV 21 (Indie)
WNAT-TV 25 (Indie superstation)
WXFT 28 (Freemont)
WCNW-TV 39 (Indie)

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