WHQ-TV, virtual and VHF channel 7, is an NBC-affiliated television station licensed to Texaville, Ohio, United States. The station is owned by Sunbeam Television, and its callsign stands for "We Have Quality."

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The station signed-on the air on March 7, 1955. The station has been an NBC affiliate from its beginning (and the only major television station in Texaville not to have changed its network affiliation); it borrowed the NBC affiliation from WTXC-TV's (now WTGS-TV) secondary affiliation.

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1980-81; Proud As A Peacock (series 2)Edit

1981-82; Our Pride Is ShowingEdit

1982-83; Just Watch Us NowEdit

We're HQ 7! Just watch us now!

WHQ-TV, channel 7, in Texaville, Ohio, now concludes its broadcast day. WHQ-TV, with studios and offices located at 33 West Beacon Road, is owned and operated by Sunbeam Television Corporation in Miami, Florida. WHQ-TV operates with a total power output of 497,000 watts visually, and 127,000 watts visually, as authorized by the Federal Communications Commission. The entire staff and management of WHQ-TV invites you to join us again tomorrow, for another day of entertainment and news for the Texavillian community.

We're HQ 7! (Just watch us!)
HQ 7! (You'll love us!)
HQ 7! Just watch us now!
We're HQ 7! Just watch us!
Texaville! You'll love us!
HQ 7! Just watch us now!

1983-84; Be ThereEdit

1984-85; Let's All Be There (series 1)Edit

1985-86; Let's All Be There (series 2)Edit


  • Sometime in 2016, a 17-year old Texavillian female named Kimberly Gibson (born March 17, 1999), came to the station, and pitched her lifelong dream of being on television. As a result, WHQ-TV pitched an original local program, known as Stunts with Kimberly, and began airing it themselves. Since then, it has been picked up by Nickelodeon (a subsidiary of Viacom Networks) for a full-time reality show.
  • Following WSVN's affiliation switch to Fox in 1989, WHQ-TV, along with WHDH in Boston, are the only two  Sunbeam-owned NBC affiliates.
    • In addition, as WTX-TV and WTGS-TV swapped affiliations in 1995, and WTXK-TV (now WTPB) became a member of PBS, while WTME-TV ended its PBS membership to become a Disney Network O&O station known as WTVD-TV in 1999, WHQ-TV is the only station in the Texavillian market to have retained the same network affiliation.


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