WFFGG, virtual channel 11, is a CBS-affiliated television station serving Bloom Hills, Georgia, United States, that is licensed to Bay Heavens. The station is owned by Gray Television.


In the mid-1970s, ABC—then enjoying its first run as America's top-rated television network—began looking for stronger affiliates across the country, and largely did so at the expense of third-place NBC. ABC surprised the industry in October 1978 by announcing it had signed an affiliation deal with WUDDIN-TV, ending that station's 30-year relationship with NBC. CBS then chose to affiliate with WFGGG after rejecting an offer from former NBC affiliate WOPPH-TV. The three-way switch occurred on August 13, 1979. Field sold about half of its cartoons and syndicated programming inventory to WIXEER-TV, which replaced WFFGG as Bloom Hills' largest independent station and one of the most prominent in Georgia. Subsequently, WFFGG became one of Field's first stations affiliated with the CBS network.

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