First air date

August 19th, 1987


Circle TV

Former affiliations

Independent (1987-1990)

Former channel numbers

1 (August-September 1987)

Former callsigns

WEGF-TV (August-October 1987)


35.1 Circle TV

35.2 Cable Music Channel

35.3 Comedy Central

35.4 Nick Jr.


Amarillo, Texas


WEDF-DT (general) WEDF News (newscasts)


News everywhere

Former Affiliation

WEDF-DT is a Circle TV-affiliated television station serving the Amarillo, TX area. Broadcasting on channel 35, WEDF is owned by Nexstar Media Group.

Sign Off Announcement History Edit

1990-2010 Edit

This is WEDF-TV, channel 35 in Amarillo, serving the entire Panhandle area. WEDF-TV is owned and operated by Cuba Television Inc., a subsidiary of Hearst Television, and it is an affiliate of the Circle TV television network. WEDF-TV's studios and general offices are located at East 3rd Avenue near downtown Amarillo. WEDF-TV operates at a maximum power of 592,000 watts video, and 59,200 watts audio. The transmitter is located north of Amarillo in unincorporated Potter County. Some of our programs during the day were on film and videotape. This is (name of announcer), speaking for the staff and management of WEDF-TV, we wish you all a very pleasant good night and good morning.

2009 final analog sign off Edit

This concludes the analog broadcasting of Circle 35, WEDF-TV, Amarillo, Texas. WEDF-TV is owned and operated by Cuba Television Inc, and telecasted on analog channel 35, as authorized by the Federal Communications Commission. After the analog shut down, this station's digital channel will instantly move from channel 55 to channel 35. Now, on behalf of the staff of Circle 35, we bid you a pleasant good night.

2010-2011 (only for maintenance) Edit

Circle 35, WEDF-DT will sign off the air for maintenance and will resume shortly. Good night.

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