WCPT-TV is an independent television station that serves the Nextonville, Tennessee area. It broadcasts on channel 38 and it is owned by Nexstar Media Group and operated Cunningham Broadcasting.

History Edit

Original life of WCPT-TV Edit

The station was signed on by Edward Johnson in 1977 as the first independent station in the Knoxville market, as well as the first new commercial station in the area in over 20 years. Johnson owned it until February 1979. John Cunningham and Calvin Smith owned WCPT-TV from 1979 to September 1981, at which time the station was sold to Cumberland Communications, a division of McClatchy Newspapers. The station moved to Channel 20 and changed calls to WINT-TV in 1982.

Initially WCPT ran a mix of religious shows, some low budget syndicated movies and westerns, and some cartoons, as well as sporting shows and public affairs programs. By the early 80's, more movies and drama shows aired as well as cartoons.

In 1983, another company built WKCH-TV channel 43 (now WTNZ) and at that point, WINT went dark, selling their programming to WKCH and turning their license to the FCC at the end of 1983. In 1997, WBXX-TV began broadcast on channel 20, on a new license.

Current life of WCPT-TV Edit

On September 2nd, 2016, the CEO of Nexstar Media Group announced that WCPT-TV should return to broadcast as an independent station. The announcement was reported on the news in several stations. WCPT-TV returned on the air on November 17th, 2016.

Note Edit

Since the return of WCPT-TV, the Moog SSB is used for sign offs and sign ons.

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