WAAT, virtual channel 43, is an animation-focused independent television station licensed to Nectra, Ohio, United States.

WAAT was previously an affiliate of ABC, and was the only major network affiliate located in Nectra. As such, the station overlapped with the network's Texaville O&O station, WTGS-TV (channel 3), and its previous Texavillian affiliate, WTX-TV (channel 6, now a CBS O&O station). On January 1, 2011, when ABC/Universal wanted to protect WTGS, WAAT became an animation-focused independent station, with limited focus on newscasts.


Until WTGS-TV became an ABC owned-and-operated station in 1995, viewers in much of the Nectra side of the Texaville market could watch the entire ABC schedule on channel 43, as WTX-TV (which became a CBS owned-and-operated station as a result of the network's affiliation deal with Westinghouse Broadcasting) occasionally preempted some ABC programs. WAAT was one of the few ABC stations that did not carry the weekend editions of Good Morning America.

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