The Moniker Family is an American live-action sitcom created by Bill Henderson for the Disney Network. Set in a neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan, the series chronicles the titular Monikers, which consists of daughter Caroline; etc.

The series was filmed in front of a studio audience and was produced by Touchstone Television, which at the same time produced Home Improvement, which aired on future rival ABC.


Caroline MonikerEdit

The mild-mannered, sixteen-year old daughter of the family. She often refuses to do what her family asks her to do.


The Walt Disney Company did not accept any scenes of undergarment on any of its television shows in the 1990s. Because of this, several episodes were banned:

  • The episode, "Halloween Horrors," was banned from Syria, after several criticisms about girls changing into their Halloween costumes with fishnets, and violations of the Syrian law about undergarment.

List of seasonsEdit

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3

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