The Ident Channel (abbreviated as TIC) is an American pay television network which is owned and operated by the Disney Broadcasting Alliance, a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company. Launched on April 1, 1998, the station exclusively airs idents from television stations, as well as cable and satellite networks worldwide, including the United States and Canada.


On February 2, 1998, the Disney Broadcasting Alliance announced a new cable and satellite network which would air television station idents. The new network, dubbed "The Ident Channel," abbreviated as "TIC," debuted on April 1, 1998, at 12:32 AM. Originally, TIC's main lineup of programming consisted of station idents from U.S. television stations and cable/satellite networks which aired between 1941 and 1993. The first station idents that TIC aired were a mix of some from the "big five" television networks at the time; NBC (which had been the highest rated network at that time, even when it still had the 1979 Peacock logo), CBS, ABC, Fox, and the Disney Network, as well as station idents from independent and PBS member stations, which all aired between 1941 and 1993.


The Ident Channel's programming consists of:

  • Idents of various American, Canadian, foreign and international stations, channels, and networks, idents for cable and satellite channels in the US and worldwide.
  • Radio Visualization: A program where radio jingles are given the TV Station ID treatment.
  • Idents Just for Fun: A program where fake Internet-made TV station idents get aired on TIC depending on the votes.
  • What's The Ident?: A game show revolving idents and their info.
  • Ident Making: A documentary series with each episode revolving around the making of a TV station ident or ident package.
  • New Ident Spotlight: A show where a new ident or new ident package for any given station or channel is shown for the first time ever.
  • ID-Mix: A show where all station IDs played are remastered and remade in high-definition.

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