The Ditcher is a 1984 American action slasher film directed and produced by John Carpenter. The film is based on the 1980 book of the same name by Ellie Stevenson.

Released by Warner Bros. Pictures on May 4, 1984, the film received positive coverage, praising the film for its score by Jerry Goldsmith, and Mackenzie Johnson's role as the teenage girl (in response to the WNPS-TV sign-off sequence, which Johnson starred in four years earlier). In 1985, Johnson was nominated for an Emmy Award for "Outstanding Performance as a Teenage Actress." The Ditcher was eventually adapted into a Saturday morning cartoon on ABC in 1985.

Home mediaEdit

The film's American television premiere by NBC on the January 18, 1987 edition of NBC Sunday Night at the Movies opened with a scroll of text reading, "Tonight's film contains scenes of grief horror, blood, and suspense, and although edited for television, it may not be sutable for young viewers."

Sequels and other adaptionsEdit

The success of the film led to it receiving two sequels, The Ditcher Strikes Again! (1990), and The End of the Ditcher (1992).

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