A Sesame Place theme park opened in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 1986, but didn't find success, closing in 1990. Midway between Greensboro and High Point, the Busch Entertainment park was 7 acres, cost an estimated $10 million, and was targeted to children age 3-13.

In a contrast to its Pennsylvania counterpart, North Carolina's Sesame Place was mostly indoors. Like Tokyo Sesame Place, the park's entrance was Big Bird's head. Of note was a replica of 123 Sesame Street where an animatronic Big Bird head could be seen from behind the doors in his nest, while photo puppets of Grover, Bert, The Count and Prairie Dawn were in the windows. Right next door was a ball pit replica of Ernie's bathtub, with a figure of Ernie in the tub. There was also a rope course, flash shadow room and a maze.

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