When DiC announced plans to bring the popular Japanese animated series Sailor Moon to United States, some people scoffed. Afterall, this was the first major animated Japanese franchise since Robotech to air in America, and this one was more or less aimed towards girls. Still, with her wide-eyed Barbie doll looks, DiC hoped that American girls would warm up to Sailor Moon as they do the popular doll franchise.

And they did.

After initially airing the first season exclusively in syndication and becoming a bonafide hit by the winter, the Fox Kids block eventually picked up broadcasting rights to the series that spring. As the ratings continued to climb, DiC began dubbing the "S" season of Sailor Moon for Fox Kids retaining the same Vancouver-based cast as the first season. That summer, Fox Kids premiered the remaining episodes of the Sailor Moon "R" season after the initial 65 syndicated episodes aired, giving the block higher than usual ratings.

Most of the "S" episodes were edited, and a few (mostly filler episodes) were skipped altogether because of stringent network standards, but little girls who were fans of the series didn't mind or even notice. This season showed an increase in boys watching the series because of the increased action quotient.

The following season, the "SuperS" season aired with mixed results. Although the girls remained, some of the boys stopped watching because of the overtly girly episodes. In the meantime, reruns of the first two seasons were popular on weekdays and was a strong lead-in to a lineup that also included Animaniacs, Batman, and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The final season, "Stars," was kind of a touchy one for DiC's corporate owners Disney to handle. The final season was split into two on a new network, ABC, ending a series that had come out of obscurity to become one of the most popular animated series in the country.

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