Retromercial Television, abbreviated as RMT, is an American cable and satellite television network owned by the Disney Broadcasting Alliance and the Walt Disney Company. Originally launched on April 20, 1998 (two days after Disney Channel's 15th anniversary), the network shows commercials broadcast between 1941 and 2015. It is also a sister station to the Ident Channel. It is also a subchannel to other digital channels.


On February 2, 1998, the Walt Disney Company and the Disney Broadcasting Alliance announced the formation of a new pay television network which would air alongside their upcoming channels, the Ident Channel and Toon Disney. Retromercial Television began operations on April 20, 1998, two days after the launch of Toon Disney, and ten days after the launch of the Ident Channel. Originally disguised as "a cable network airing movies for families" in its early stages, Retromercial Television's purpose became focused on airing commercials from 1940s until now. The first commercials that Retromercial Television aired was a montage of classic cola commercials, specifically the ones from Pepsi and Coca-Cola.


The network's programming consists of shows revolving around commercials:

  • "Top 30 Ads of (year)" - A yearly special RMT airs, hosted by a random TV star. That TV special showcases the best 30 commercials to air in that particular year.
  • "Behind A Commercial" - A documentary TV show focusing on the behind the scenes making of a particular commercial. The TV show focuses also on the spot's airtime and its longevity.
  • "Commercial Debut" - Where a new commercial gets a world premiere broadcast on RMT.
  • "Remixed Commercials - Where YouTube Poop-styled commercial spoofs (mashed from old and new commercials) are chosen based on internet votes.
  • "Time Mix Up" - Where commercials for old and new products are done in old style (example: One episode would feature a 1950s-styled commercial for New Coke while another episode would feature a 2004-styled commercial for Wilkins Coffee)
  • "Make Your Own Ad" - A program where fan-made commercials get shown on TV based on viewers opinions and votes on RMT's website.
  • "RMT Request" - A program where viewers go to RMT's website or call RMT on the phone and request RMT to air a commercial they like.
  • "RMT News" - A comedy news program featuring news reports and breaking news stories about what's going on in the world of commercials.

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