NBC, My Lucky Feather was an advertising slogan by NBC on its television and radio stations from 2005 to 2007. Similar to the Proud as a Peacock advertising which NBC failed at, this introduces a new logo, known as the "Lucky Feather," which continues to be used today.


In the fall of 1979, NBC introduced a new slogan, known as Proud as a Peacock. However, it didn't hold up to high standards, and was replaced in 1981 with Our Pride is Showing.

The slogan introduced a reimagined version of the 11-feathered peacock, which was phased out in 1976, in favor of the big "N." However, after much research, it was found out that Fred Silverman demanded the return of the peacock. On May 12, 1986, with the NBC 60th Anniversary Celebration special, the 11-feathered peacock was separated from the "N," but had a few minor changes, such as the removal of the blue border. Additionally, it had a new wordmark below the peacock.

Campaign lyrics Edit

NBC, My Lucky Feather/Campaign lyrics

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