MCA Records was an American record label owned by MCA Inc., which later gave way to the larger MCA Music Entertainment Group (now ABC/Universal Music Group), which the label was part of until its dissolution in 2003. The label is now known as ABC/Universal Records, but it's country division MCA Nashville is a still an active imprint of ABC/Universal Music Group Nashville.

MCA Records became more reliant on jazz and R&B during the 1970s and 1980s.


MCA Inc., a powerful talent agency and a television production company, entered the recorded music business in 1962 with the purchase of the New York-based US Decca Records (established in 1934[1]), including Coral Records and Brunswick Records. MCA was forced to exit the talent agency business in order to complete the merger. As American Decca owned Universal Pictures, MCA assumed full ownership of Universal and made it into a top film studio, producing several hits.[2] In 1966, MCA formed Uni Records[3] and in 1967 purchased Kapp Records[4] which was placed under Uni Records management.[5]

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