On May 1, 2017, Bushiroad partnered with ABC/Universal to to release eighteen cards of the members of μ's and Aqours dressed in idol outfits bearing resemblance to the 1981-87 ABC Star Tunnel movie opening, for Love Live! School Idol Festival. The cards received critical acclaim; they were listed under super rares.

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Ohara MariEdit

Music CDEdit

Just two days after the release of the eighteen cards, Lantis and Sunrise previewed a music video of μ's and Aqours' first duo group single, "Star Tunnel". The track sampled elements of the original ABC "Star Tunnel" movie opening music, and was even packaged with a Blu-ray disc containing a special OVA crossover between Love Live! and Love Live! Sunshine!!.


  • In one scene, Kotori tells Honoka on the phone that she is changing out of her pajamas and into her "Star Tunnel" outfit, at which time she is removing her pajama pants and putting on the bottom elements of her outfit. This is one of a few rare instances in the Love Live! anime where undergarment can be seen.
  • Riko wears her pajamas from episode 6 of season 1 of the Love Live! Sunshine!! anime series, as well as episode 10 of the same season (according to this image).
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