The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) is an American broadcast television network that originated as a radio network in November 1926, and expanded into television in April 1939. Throughout its history, the network has had many owned-and-operated and affiliated stations.

This article is a table listing of former NBC stations, arranged alphabetically by state, and based on the station's city of license as well as its Designated Market Area; it is also accompanied by footnotes regarding the present network affiliation of the former NBC-affiliated station (if the station remains operational) and the current NBC affiliates in each of the listed markets, as well as any other notes including the reasons behind each station's disaffiliation from the network. There are links to and articles on each of the stations, describing their histories, local programming and technical information, such as broadcast frequencies.

The station's advertised channel number follows the call letters. In most cases, this is their virtual channel (PSIP) number, which may match the channel allocation that the station originally broadcast on during its prior affiliation with the network.

Former affiliate stations Edit

Stations are listed in alphabetical order by city of license.

City of license/Market Station/Channel Years of affiliation Current affiliation Current NBC affiliate Notes
Bronsonville, Michigan WBNV 9 1956-1985 ABC (O&O) WING-TV 2 (previously with NBC (secondary) from 1952-1956) Swapped affiliations with ABC affiliate WING-TV and became an ABC O&O as a result of the ABC network's purchase by WBNV's owners, Capital Cities Communications.
Cincinnati, Ohio WLWT 1/4/5 1948-2001? The Disney Network (O&O from 2002 to 2013) WSTR-TV 64 Swapped affiliations with TDN affiliate WSTR-TV, as a result of an affiliation deal between Hearst Communications, then-owner of WLWT, and Disney.
Daytona Beach - Orlando - Melbourne, Florida WESH 2 1956-2000 The Disney Network (O&O) WRBW 65 Disaffiliated from NBC in 2000 in a three-way affiliation swap between TDN affiliate WKCF-TV and UPN affiliate WRBW, as a result of Disney's affiliation deal with Hearst Communications, then-owner of WESH.
Indianapolis, Indiana WTHR 13 1979-2001 The Disney Network (O&O from 2002-2013) WNDY-TV 23 Swapped affiliations with TDN affiliate WNDY-TV as a result of the 2000-2002 US TV realignment.
Portland, Oregon KGW 8 1959-2001 ABC KATU 2 (O&O) Swapped affiliations with ABC affiliate KATU in 2001, as a result of NBC's affiliation agreement with KATU's then-owner Fisher Communications. When NBC bought Fisher outright, KATU and its other sister stations all became owned-and-operated stations of the network.
Seattle-Tacoma, Washington KING-TV 5 1959-2001 CBS (previously with CBS from 1948-1953) KOMO-TV 4 (O&O)
(previously with NBC from 1953-1959)
Disaffiliated from NBC and became a CBS affiliate in 2001 via a three-way swap that also saw KIRO-TV join ABC through the network's affiliation agreement with Cox Communications, and KOMO-TV reunite with NBC through the network's affiliation agreement with then-owner Fisher Communications. The deal reunited CBS with its original Seattle affiliate.
South Bend-Elkhart, Indiana WNDU-TV 46/16 1955-2003 ABC WBND-LD 57 Swapped affiliations with ABC affiliate WBND-LD in February 2003 because of concerns by ABC over WBND's low ratings.
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