The following is a list of each of the regional editions of TV Guide, which mentions the markets that each regional edition serves and the years of publication. Each edition is listed under exactly one region (generally either for a single city, or a single or multiple neighboring states or provinces). Thus, for editions overlapping region lines, the listing appears in only one of the neighboring regions. For example, the Nebraska edition also included stations in Sioux City, Iowa and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

The magazine does not print regional editions for the U.S. territories, although Puerto Rico has a similar magazine called Teve Guía. Also, three U.S. states, Delaware, South Dakota and Wyoming, do not have their own editions. The northern part of Delaware (part of the Philadelphia market) is served by the Philadelphia edition, and the southern part (part of the Salisbury market) by the Washington-Baltimore edition. Stations in eastern South Dakota (Sioux Falls market) appeared in the Nebraska edition, and subscribers in western South Dakota (Rapid City) automatically receive the New York Metropolitan edition. The Northern Colorado edition almost exclusively concentrate on cable systems in Greeley and Fort Collins, while the subscribers in the western Wyoming markets of Riverton, Rock Springs and Jackson automatically receive the Salt Lake editions.

The markets that serve as the primary area, mostly those with white numbers on black channel bullets, are listed in bold text. In some editions, multiple stations appear on the same channel, which require the editors to be creative in assigning channel bullets to stations. For example, the Montana edition at one time listed channel 2 stations in Billings (black bullet with white number), Spokane (white bullet with black number), Salt Lake (horizontally striped white bullet with black number), and Denver (white bullet with center black stripe containing white number).

Many of the dates are imprecise because exact dates of when editions went into and out of circulation are not easily available. The Oregon edition that started publishing on August 20, 1955, was the 33rd regional edition of TV Guide. According to the September 13, 1958, Utah-Idaho edition, there were 51 regional editions of TV Guide being printed in the United States.

Unless otherwise noted, regional editions in the United States can be assumed to have ended with the October 9, 2005, issue, after which TV Guide began publishing national listings based on time zone.

United StatesEdit

State Edition Dates in existence Television market availability Circulation (1988) Notes
Ohio Texaville 1956-2005 Texaville and surrounding areas 96,000
New York Sussex 1957-2005 Sussex and surrounding areas 102,000
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