KTCT-TV, virtual and VHF digital channel 6, is a dual NBC-affiliated/PBS member television station licensed to Cypress, Texas, United States. The station is jointly owned by Gannett Broadcasting and the Lone Star College.


The station signed-on the air on February 14, 1954, as WCYT-TV (calls standing for "We're CYpress Television"). Channel 6 was originally an ABC affiliate, but also carried programs from CBS on a secondary basis. On May 1, 1977, WCYT-TV changed its callsign to KTCT-TV (standing for "Television for Cypress, Texas"), after Cypress Broadcasting (which would later start KLAX-TV in Alexandria) acquired the station.

On October 5, 1979, KTCT-TV swapped affiliations with K???-TV, and became an NBC affiliate. At the time of the switch, ABC had recently become the highest-rated network in the United States, and began seeking out to search for stronger affiliations.

On February 1, 2011, KTCT-TV partnered with the Lone Star College to add PBS programming to its second subchannel, which would serve as Cypress' PBS member station. This would give KTCT-TV access to air the PBS Kids schedule, which includes Sesame Street, Arthur, and many more. The dual PBS membership began on May 3, replacing This TV, which was moved to a new subchannel. This addition also created one of the first dual-affiliations between a "big-three" network and PBS.


Slogan historyEdit

  • 1978-79 - TV-6 is Still the One (final slogan before KTCT-TV switched to NBC; localized version of ABC's 1978-79 slogan)
  • 1979-81 - TV-6, Proud as a Peacock! (first slogan after KTCT-TV's switch to NBC; localized version of NBC's 1979-81 slogan)
  • 1981-82 - TV-6, Our Pride is Showing (localized version of NBC's 1981-82 slogan)
  • 1982-83 - We're TV-6, Just Watch Us Now! (localized version of NBC's 1982-83 slogan)
  • 1983-84 - TV-6 There, Be There (localized version of NBC's 1983-84 slogan)
  • 1984-86 - TV-6, Let's All Be There (localized version of NBC's 1984-86 slogan)
  • 2011-present - Be More, PBS 6.2. (localized version of PBS's current slogan; used on KTCT-TV's PBS subchannel)

Ownership historyEdit

  • 1977-1994 - Cypress Broadcasting
  • 1994-1996 - New World Communications
  • 1996-2005 - NBC Television Stations
  • 2005-present - Gannett
  • 2011-present - Lone Star College


  • KTCT-TV was one of the last remaining NBC affiliates to use the 1979-86 "Proud N" logo, having used it as late as early 1990 in its sign-off sequence.
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