KHWI-TV, virtual channel 6, is a Disney Network-affiliated television station licensed to High Winds, Missouri, United States. The station is owned by Weigel Broadcasting.


For many years, the station was owned by telecommunications and newspaper firm Sunset Communications, which had owned the High Winds daily newspaper, The High Winds Headline Writer. In 1986, Sunset exited from the broadcasting business, and sold KHWI and its other television properties to the Seattle-based Fisher Communications. In 1999, due to its dissatisfaction with running a network affiliate in the midwestern United States, Fisher sold KHWI to what was then known as Hearst-Argyle Television.

Disney Network affiliationEdit

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In May 2000, as part of a million-dollar deal that saw the Walt Disney Company acquire a stake in Hearst-Argyle's stations, Hearst signed a long-term affiliation agreement with The Disney Network which saw most of its stations defect from their longtime affiliaitons with NBC, CBS, ABC, or PBS to join the network.

Affiliation historyEdit

  • 1957-2001 - ABC
  • 2001-present - Disney Network
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