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September 13, 1997; 23 years ago

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United States


The Walt Disney Company


Children's television block

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Saturday Mornings:
8am-1pm (1997-2004; 2011-Present)
9am-1pm (2004-2010)
10am-1pm (2010-2011)

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Disney's One Saturday Morning is a Saturday morning American children's programming block that aired on ABC since September 13, 1997. It featured a mixture of animated and live-action series from Walt Disney Television Animation, Disney Channel, Disney XD, and Disney Junior, aimed at children between the ages of 7 and 17.

The block regularly aired on Saturday mornings, though certain programs within the lineup aired on Sundays in some parts of the country due to station preferences for non-educational programming or scheduling issues with regional or network sports broadcasts.


In the years immediately prior to The Walt Disney Company's purchase of ABC corporate parent Capital Cities/ABC Inc. in 1995, the network's children's program block at the time, ABC Saturday Morning, aired such Disney-produced series as The Mighty DucksDuckTales and Gargoyles; it was one of two networks at the time that prominently carried Disney programming on Saturday mornings, as CBS also carried Disney cartoons (CBS's were mostly television spin-offs of Disney Renaissance films, whereas ABC's were mostly other Disney properties). After Disney formally took over ABC's operations in 1996, Disney head Michael Eisner sought to create a Saturday morning block that was different from those carried by its competitors at the time.

In February 1997, Peter Hastings left Warner Bros. Animation and joined Disney, where was tasked with overhauling ABC's Saturday morning lineup. He pitched an idea around the concept that Saturday is different from every other day of the week, and the representation of weekdays as buildings. Hastings also proposed the use of virtual set technology; although he knew a bit about it at the time and the technology used was just starting to be developed, Disney and ABC liked the idea. He hired Prudence Fenton as consultant manager and co-executive producer. Together, they sampled virtual set technology at the 1997 NAB Show and chose technology developed by Accom and ELSET. Rutherford Bench Productions, which had previously worked with Disney on other projects, hired Pacific Ocean Post (now POP Sound) to produce the virtual set. The building was initially a drawing of Grand Central Terminal with a roller coaster added, but evolved into a towering mechanical structure. Even the interior has similarities such as a central high raised room, with two wings on the left and right sides and another on the south side.

On September 13, 1997, Disney's One Saturday Morning premiered as a two-and-a-half-hour sub-block within the ABC Saturday Morning lineup.[5] It was originally scheduled to debut the Saturday prior on September 6, but coverage by all U.S. networks of the funeral of Princess Diana pushed back the premiere up one week to September 13. Disney’s One Saturday Morning featured two parts: three hours of regularly scheduled cartoons and a two-hour flagship show that included feature segments, comedy skits, and the virtual world which Hastings had proposed, along with newer episodes of three animated series: Doug (which had been acquired from Nickelodeon in 1996), Recess and Pepper Ann.

DougRecess and Pepper Ann were each nominally given 40-minute time slots. The extended 10 minutes during each show's slot were for One Saturday Morning's interstitial segments and educational features. The live-action wraparound segments were originally hosted by Charlie (portrayed by Jessica Prunell, now an attorney) for the block's first season in 1997, and later by MeMe (Valarie Rae Miller) beginning in September 1998; the segments also featured an elephant named Jelly Roll (voiced by stand up comedian and actor Brad Garrett), who served as a sidekick to the human host. Schoolhouse Rock!, a longtime essential of ABC's Saturday morning block since 1973, also aired as an interstitial segment during The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show, the only non-Disney cartoon to carry into the block and one that would air until 2000, when the carriage contract with Warner Bros. was exhausted.

Disney’s One Saturday Morning was initially a massive success, beating Fox Kids during its first season to be the most-watched Saturday morning block on broadcast television.  It remained competitive in its second season, beating all of Fox Kids' shows except Power Rangers.  The shorts and hosted segments were discontinued in 2000 in a reformatting of the ABC block; by this time, the interstitials within the block were relegated to bumpers and program promotions. In September 2001, live-action series were added to the One Saturday Morning lineup with the addition of the "Zoog Hour," an hour-long sub-block featuring the Disney Channel original series Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens (the sub-block, advertised in promos for Disney’s One Saturday Morning promoting the two programs as "powered by Zoog," was named after Disney Channel's weekend programming block at the time, Zoog Disney).

A spin-off of Disney's One Saturday Morning, Disney's One Too, debuted on UPN on September 6, 1999; produced through a time-lease agreement between Disney and UPN, the block aired each weekday (either in the morning or afternoon, depending on the station's preference) and on Sunday mornings, and featured many of the programs shown on One Saturday Morning (including RecessPepper Ann and Sabrina: The Animated Series). Although being discontinued in 2003, it got revived in 2015 on ABC when the network required some children's programming during the weekday and Sunday route, thus airing all One Saturday Morning programs on ABC seven days a week.

In September of 2002, the newly revamped One Saturday Morning block contained a mix of first-run programs exclusive to the block, as well as reruns of several original series from Disney Channel. NBA Inside Stuff also began airing on the block as a result of ABC's acquisition of the broadcast television rights to the NBA from NBC (where the series originally premiered in 1992), beginning with the 2002–03 season's Christmas Day game; Inside Stuff continued to air on Disney's One Saturday Morning until 2004.

In September 2004, One Saturday Morning almost exclusively carried live-action and animated series from Disney Channel as a result of the short-lived Fillmore! (which had been airing in reruns since the summer of 2004) and Recess (which was airing in reruns on the block since it ended in 2001) being dropped from the lineup. With the expanded regulation of federally mandated educational programming guidelines defined by the Federal Communications Commission's Children's Television Act, ABC chose to fulfill the five-hour quota by carrying select episodes of Disney Channel live-action comedies and animated series (anywhere between 9 and 13 episodes from a given season) featuring moral lessons and/or educational anecdotes.

In 2009, Disney XD programs were added to the block in coordination with the channel's launch in February beginning with its first live-action original, Zeke and Luther. Beginning in 2013, ABC began to carry some select Disney Junior programs to be added as part of the One Saturday Morning block. Liv and Maddie and Girl Meets World were the last two live-action Disney Channel shows to be added to the lineup before departing from ABC in September 2017, and that's where One Saturday Morning began to focus more on animation like it did in the past.


Original programmingEdit


Premiere Date

End Date

101 Dalmations: The Series September 13, 1997 September 4, 1999
Disney's Doug September 8, 2001
Recess August 28, 2004
Pepper Ann January 27, 2001
Jungle Cubs September 5, 1998
The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh September 7, 2002
Hercules: The Animated Series September 12, 1998 April 24, 1999
Mickey Mouse Works May 1, 1999 January 6, 2001
The Weekenders February 26, 2000 January 12, 2002
Teacher's Pet September 9, 2000 September 7, 2002
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command October 14, 2000 September 8, 2001
House of Mouse January 13, 2001 August 24, 2002
Lloyd in Space February 3, 2001 September 7, 2002
Teamo Supremo January 19, 2002 September 13, 2003
Filmore! September 14, 2002 February 19, 2005

Acquired programmingEdit


Premiere Date

End Date

Lizzie McGuire September 15, 2001 September 10, 2005
Even Stevens September 15, 2001 September 7, 2002
February 26, 2005 September 10, 2005
The Proud Family August 31, 2002 September 2, 2006
Kim Possible September 14, 2002 September 2, 2006
Lilo & Stitch: The Series September 20, 2003 September 2, 2006
That's So Raven September 20, 2003 August 27, 2011
Phil of the Future September 25, 2004 September 2, 2006
The Buzz on Maggie September 17, 2005 January 21, 2006
The Suite Life of Zack & Cody September 17, 2005 September 13, 2008
The Emperor's New School January 28, 2006 March 14, 2009
The Replacements September 9, 2006 September 12, 2009
Hannah Montana September 9, 2006 February 19, 2011
Sabrina: The Animated Series September 11, 1999 October 13, 2001
Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action! October 20, 2001 August 3, 2002
The Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show September 13, 1997 September 2, 2000
W.I.T.C.H. January 15, 2005 March 26, 2005
Schoolhouse Rock! September 13, 1997 September 2, 2000
Science Court / Squigglevision September 13, 1997 September 2, 2000
NBA Inside Stuff September 7, 2002 August 28, 2004
Cory In The House September 22, 2007 December 13, 2008
Wizards of Waverly Place May 17, 2008 June 23, 2012
The Suite Life of Deck September 20, 2008 September 17, 2011
Phineas and Ferb April 1, 2017
Sonny With a Chance March 21, 2009 September 17, 2011
Kid Vs. Kat
Zeke and Luther September 19, 2009 June 23, 2012
Fish Hooks September 18, 2010 May 10, 2014
Good Luck Charlie
Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil February 2, 2013
Shake It Up February 26, 2011 April 12, 2014
Kickin' It September 24, 2011 September 12, 2015
Jessie April 16, 2016
Lab Rats March 3, 2012 September 10, 2016
Austin & Ally April 16, 2016
Sofia The First September 21, 2013 September 14, 2019
Gravity Falls September 10, 2016
Liv and Maddie September 9, 2017
Wander Over Yonder September 10, 2016
Girl Meets World September 20, 2014 September 9, 2017
Bill Nye The Science Guy November 15, 2014 September 9, 2017
Star Vs. The Forces of Evil September 19, 2015 September 14, 2019
Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero September 9, 2017
Milo Murphy's Law April 8, 2017
Tangled: The Series June 24, 2017 March 28, 2020
Vampirina September 16, 2017
DuckTales (2017 TV Series)
Big Hero 6: The Series February 24, 2018
Fancy Nancy September 15, 2018
Big City Greens
101 Dalmation Street September 21, 2019
The Rocketeer (2019 TV Series) February 1, 2020
Mira: Royal Detective April 4, 2020
The Owl House
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