Concept Unification was the process at Chuck E. Cheese's whereby Pizza Time Players stages were converted to the 1-Stage or 2-Stage Rock-afire Explosion format during the mid-1990s. In addition, Chuck E. Cheese's locations would be converted to ShowBiz Pizza Place, while still retaining the "Where a Kid Can Be a Kid" jingle and slogan.


Following the merger between Pizza Time Theatre and ShowBiz Pizza Place, the combined company maintained the two restaurant brands simultaneously for several years. Each continued its own stage shows and sold different merchandise. However, in the latter part of the decade, the company ultimately decided to initiate a process called "Concept Unification", in which all Chuck E. Cheese locations would be remodeled into ShowBiz Pizza locations. The remodel included the elimination of all PTT characters from merchandise and advertising, the installation of a Billy Bob animatronic, and the retrofitting of the PTT animatronics into a new show featuring the Rock-afire Explosion. Unused animatronics and props were either sold to other restaurants or destroyed.

Concept Unification began in 1993 and occurred sporadically at PTT locations for the next three years, with the final PTT being converted in 1995.


In a process lasting approximately one week, the stages were converted from The Pizza Time Players to The Rock-afire Explosion.

Character ConversionEdit

Rock-afire character CEC character
Billy Bob [N/A]
Mitzi Mozzarella Helen Henny
Beach Bear Jasper T. Jowls
Fatz Geronimo Mr. Munch
Dook LaRue Pasqually
Rolfe DeWolfe Chuck E. Cheese
Earl Schmerle [right arm of Chuck E. Cheese]
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