Casino is a 1986 American made-for-television film directed by Dirk Taylor and written by his sister Karen Taylor. The film, which originally aired on ABC on April 13, 1986, stars Mackenzie Johnson as she gets accepted in a casino which only accepts women over age 21.


  • For the March 8, 1987 rerun of the film, a rare ABC movie intro is shown: In her bedroom, a teenage girl changes out of her laced pajamas and into a red skirt with a striped shirt with fishnets. Once this is done, she sits down on her bed, and turns the TV on. This is one of a few instances on television where a girl's undergarment can be seen. This intro was also used on several of ABC's movie telecasts that followed in; a telecast of First Blood (1982) on April 26, 1987 had this intro as well.
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