The Atkins effect was a large scale recession in the music industry that occured in 1982, primarily in the United States. The effect was attributed to many factors, such as Warner Bros. Records dropping many R&B and jazz artists from its roster and selling the rights to most of those artists to MCA Records (save for Chaka Khan, Prince, George Benson, and Peabo Bryson), and the chart failure of R&B family group Atkins' only studio album produced by Freddie Perren which was recorded for the label, among others.

Albums released during the Atkins effectEdit

  • Atkins (Atkins) (BSK 3667)
  • Poltergeist: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Jerry Goldsmith) (HS 3661)
  • As We Speak (David Sanborn) (release shifted to MCA Records)
  • Exciting (Marc Sadane) (release shifted to MCA Records)
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