The 2019-present United States broadcast TV realignment consists of a series of events, most of which emerge from the point where Fox declined to renew its affiliation agreements with the stations it affiliated with in the 1994-1996 broadcast TV realignment, selling off most of its owned-and-operated stations to other broadcast companies, and there would be new, low-powered stations for Fox to affiliate with, once the then-Fox stations returned to their pre-90s realignment affiliations, making the big-three UHF affiliates independent.

List of stations sold offEdit

  • WJBK, channel 2, sold to Gannett, which re-affiliated the station with CBS on August 3, 2019.

Stations affected in the realignmentEdit

  • KTVI, channel 2, re-affiliated with ABC on September 1, 2019.
    • KDNL-TV, channel 30, became a general entertainment independent station.
    • KFSL-LP, channel 10, a low-powered Fox station, signed on.
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